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Spicy Spanish Chorizo (Horseshoe shaped)

Villamanin (León). "Tierra de Sabor" quality label.
approx 600 gr
Pork's shoulder, bacon, pork's loin, spicy paprika, salt, garlic and natural casing. Smoked with oak's wood.
  • Spicy Spanish Chorizo (Horseshoe shaped)
  • Spicy Spanish Chorizo (Horseshoe shaped)
  • Spicy Spanish Chorizo (Horseshoe shaped)
  • Spicy Spanish Chorizo (Horseshoe shaped)


Premium Quality Spicy Chorizo without preservatives and additives. Smoked over an oak wood fire.

Following an over sixty-year-tradition our two main chorizo varieties,horseshoe shaped and “cular”, either sweet or spicy, are made with selected pork meat seasoned with prime quality paprika from La Vera, with Protected Denomination of Origin and garlic with Protected Geographic Indication (P.G.I.) Las Pedroñeras.

Known especially for their deep smokey flavour, this pork chorizo is also one of the spiciest ones available on the market. 

Ezequiel chorizos are an institution in Leon - and for good reason. What was once a simple roadside stop for travellers on the road from Leon to Asturias is now a superbly modern factory turning out some of the most delicious chorizo to be had anywhere in Spain.