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Spanish Churros Mix 500 g (Approx. 36 Churros)

Wheat flour, powdered milk, whey, dry yeast, salt and thickening agents (E-412 and E-415).
Contains gluten. May contain traces of egg, soy and milk.
  • Spanish Churros Mix 500 g (Approx. 36 Churros)


Churro Mix 500 g (Approx. 36 Churros)

Now you can cook traditional Spanish Churros at home. Just mix with water for an instant and classic Spanish churro dough.

Includes a simple churro nozzle for shaping the dough for frying, so you have everything you need straight out of the packet.


For Churros for 4 people:

1. Pour 300ml of cold water (from the fridge) into a bowl and add 250g of churro mix (half the packet) a little at a time, mixing with a spatula. Continue to mix until the dough has formed a smooth consistency.

2. Heat plenty of oil in a frying pan. Using the included churro nozzle, squeeze either a spiral of churros, or individual churros, into the frying pan.

3. Brown the churros well on both sides.

4. Take the churros out of the frying pan, drain off the oil and sprinkle over sugar.