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Recuerdame - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cazorla (Jaén)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
No allergens
  •  Recuerdame - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recuerdame - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recuérdame is an extra virgin olive oil, which travels to the 19th century thanks to its production, old harvest, milling and decanting process giving an authentic olive juice because the harvest takes place under the full moon in October - this is the moment with most light, the roots grow a little but the leaves are booming. The water and the sap are flowing strongly thru the trunk, the branches and the leaves - 

The first harvest takes place in October, in early harvest, given that the olive generates the oil molecules between July and December on the majority of the varieties, the. The humidity decreases within the fruit, which increases the performance in humid but not on the quantity of dry materia. Thank to it, we gain quality, sill, tradition and modernity, that allows us to preserve the highest standard of quality for this olive oil and the highest final for the olive juice.

“When the daylight is off and the darkness shows off its stars, with the humidity shining on the leaves of the olive trees which represents ours fields in Cazorla”