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Oleo Cazorla (1L) - DOP Sierra de Cazorla

DOP Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 L - Can
No allergens
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  • Oleo Cazorla (1L) - DOP Sierra de Cazorla
  • Sierra de cazorla - logo
  • Oleo Cazorla (1L) - DOP Sierra de Cazorla


OLEO CAZORLA is an olive oil of supreme quality, of early harvest, harvested the fruit in the first days of November in the Sierra de Cazorla guaranteeing a DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN. This is an olive oil of supreme category obtained directly from olives and only by means of mechanic procedures. It is extracted from selected olives and in cold, at a temperature less than 25º by centrifugation of the ground olive, an olive juice covered by the Denomination of Origin is obtained.

OLEO CAZORLA is an extra virgin olive oil of the Picual and Royal variety, an oil that has a greenish-yellow colour, an intense fruity aroma evoking green grass and a pleasant odor of almond. In flavour is fresh fruit (apples, almonds and figs), with a slight bitterness and soft in its itch. Its taste is soft and not aggressive to the palate. In the nose it presents an intense mature fruity with nuances of ripe fig. The Royal variety is a variety of high and constant production, although the olives provide low oil content, in contrast it is an oil of high quality. This variety is the only 'Royal' in the world with Denomination of Origin, "Extra virgin olive oil DOP Sierra de Cazorla".