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Hot Smoked Paprika Pimentón de la Vera, DOP- 75g

La Vera (Extremadura). DOP Pimentón de la Vera
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  • Hot Smoked Paprika Pimentón de la Vera, DOP- 75g


Paprika with Denomination of Origin

Our “Pimentón de la Vera” paprika, as attested by its numbered label, also stands out above other paprikas for its aroma, flavour and stable colour. This is guaranteed by the Regulatory Board of the Protected Designation of Origin “Pimentón de la Vera”.


Our paprika gives you the flavour of traditional Spanish cooking, with its wood-burning fire and slowly simmering stews, which released an appetite-whetting aroma. Now, in the hurried cooking of today, just a pinch of our paprika, which is classed as a delicacy, can bring back these forgotten aromas.


Our paprika, classified as Protected Designation of Origin “Pimentón de la Vera”, brings colour to your cooking, making your dishes look amazing. Studies have shown that our paprika has a more stable colour than those from other regions. This is important when several months may pass between the preparation and the serving of a dish, or if the dish has to be exposed to light, as is the case with sausages, pre-prepared meals, etc.


Our paprika, with its characteristic smoked flavour, adds that flair which transforms a stew into a mouth-watering dish. Our paprika is sold in three flavours: SWEET with a mild flavour, BITTERSWEET between sweet and slightly spicy and HOT with a nice spicy bite.