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Salted Marcona almonds

225 gr
Marcona almond and salt
Contains almonds.
  • Salted Marcona almonds
  • Salted Marcona almonds
  • Salted Marcona almonds
  • Salted Marcona almonds


These are the best soft buttery Marcona almonds.

Marcona almonds, the “Queen of Almonds,” are imported from Spain. They are shorter, rounder, softer, and sweeter than other variety. These blanched Marcona almonds are fried in extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt, offering a delicious taste.

Marcona Almonds vs. Regular Almonds

Marcona almonds are prized for being more tender, sweet, and delicate than regular almonds, with a nice buttery flavor that is due to their high oil and moisture content. Marcona almonds contain the same excellent health benefits as all almonds, including cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fats. They are also an equally rich source of protein, antioxidants, iron, and calcium.

Use Marcona almonds in salads, with cheeses, Mojama Extra from Barbate (Salted cured tuna), alongside fruit, and in desserts. The best turrones are made with Marcona almonds.

The enjoyable flavour, and smooth, delicate texture of these unique almonds creates a wonderful snack in itself.

Presented in a jar with screw-top lid to keep in the freshness.