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Aneto Cooking Base for Seafood Paella

1 Lt
Water, fish (monkfish, codfish, conger and scorpion fish), Shellfish (crab, mussels, prawns and cockles), tomato, onion, virgin olive oil, carrot, leek, fennel, celery, sea salt, garlic, paprika and saffron..
Contain monkfish, cod, celery, conger, scorpion fish, ribbonfish, crab, mussel, prawn and cockle.
Once opened keep refrigerated to a maximum of 4 days, or 1 month in the freezer***(-18°C).
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  • aneto cooking base for seafood paella


Aneto Seafood Paella Cooking Base.

This is one of the best and easiest way to cook a perfect seafood paella in just a few minutes. Forget the "sofrito" so, you don't need to add garlic, onions, tomatoes or saffron, as they are already included in this broth. Just add the best paella rice you have, or fideua noodle.

Aneto cooking base for seafood paella also works wonderfully in recipes like as risotto, soups or stews.

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Why Aneto Seafood Paella Cooking base?

Only Fresh and Natural Ingredients

We daily buy the freshest vegetables, meat and fish from the market. We carefully select and clean the ingredients with cold water, then we cut them.

All of our recipes are made out of ingredients that you are able to find in the market or at home.

Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Egg Free

The ingredients we use  are exactly the same as the ones used for the traditional recipes.

There is no contain of milk nor dairy products, so we don’t work with Dlavorings nor additives.

Our broths don’t contain gluten because we don’t use ingredients like: wheat, rye, barley, oat, additives nor maltodextrins.

There is no contain of egg nor derivative products, so we don’t use additives.

No Concentrates - No Dehydrated food - No Added flavouring

We cook our recipes just as a natural broth is made. We make recipes which we love and we already have more than 26 of them.

This is the reason why in our broths there are no concentrates, no dehydrated foods and neither added flavorings.

There is only existence of fresh ingredients and its particular own taste after simmering at a low heat.

Use the aneto seafood paella cooking base for a genuine homemade paella.