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Amontillado Carlos VII - Alvear

D.O. Montilla-Moriles
100% Pedro Ximenez
Bernardo Lucena
Bodegas Alvear
Contains sulphites.
50 cl
  • Amontillado Carlos VII - Alvear

Amontillado Carlos VII Sherry - Alvear

PX 1927 is the year that Alvear build his latest winery. The grapes on their optimum degree of maturity are spread out on mats to dry in the sun until they become raisins. When pressed, they deliver are intensely rich must to which grape alcohol is added to prevent fermentation and loss of sweetness. This PX has been in the solera system for 5 years.

Vineyard & Viticulture

The vineyards are located on Montilla's mountains. A total of 150 hectares of their own vineyard and 200 hectares of closely controlled external vineyards are used to grow the grapes for this wine. The climate is semi-continental Mediterranean with long, hot, dry summers and short winters. Very low intervention in the vineyards. The soil type is Albariza, a mixed of chalk, limestone clay and sand.


Literally, Amontillado means "in the style of Montilla". Amontillado wines are made from the careful selection of the best quality Fino wines. Our Carlos VII is an Amontillado that has been aged for more than 15 years using the traditional 'solera' system. when making the Fino wines, the fermentation process creates a layer of yeast, called 'Flor', which gives Fino wines their characteristic. The group of barrels closest to the floor is called the 'solera'. The row above is called 'fist criadera' and the next one is called the 'second criadera'. Each criadera, or row, contains Fino which has been aged for the same amount of time. The 'solera' barrels contain the oldest wine, which will be the final fino to be bottled. The first 'criadera' on the top of all the barrels is where the youngest wine is stored. The Fino is transferred after approximately 2-3 years to the next 'criadera' until reaching the 'solera'; The Fino chosen to become an Amontillado is then place in a new 'solera' system to allow it to become full aged, allowing it to gain complexity and fully round aromas while retaining the freshness of its origins as a Fino. An harmonious blend of finesse, elegance and age.

Tasting notes

On the nose this Amontillado present a pungent and complex bouquet, an inimitably pronounced nut and did fig flavour and character. A smooth, yet complex, flavour. Silky dry on the palate with a long, complex and elegant finish. A perfect dry aperitif, ideal with smoked food and cheese. It is also an excellent ingredient for all soups and sauces, especially consommé.