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Nocilla Original - Chocolate and hazelnut spread 200 g

Sugar, vegetable oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder (8.5%), skimmed milk powder (4.5%), hazelnuts (4%), lactic solids, emulgent (soy lecithin) and flavourings.
Contains milk and milk derivatives and soy derivatives. May contain traces of nuts.
  • Nocilla Original - Chocolate and hazelnut spread 200 g

Nocilla Original - Chocolate spread 200 g

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Nocilla is the Spanish version of the well known chocolate and hazelnut spread 'Nutella'.

The Spanish version is much more popular in Spain and is believed to be far superior!

Whichever way you look at it, this chocolate spread has a divine flavour which keeps you coming back for more.

This format is the classic glass jar. Remember to reduce your plastic use.